So you want be a scuba diver?
Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re about to unlock a world of wonder for you. Another universe where you can float weightless like an astronaut, experience life-changing interactions with creatures few people have ever seen and have adventures you never knew existed.  You'll experience and do things you never imagined you would… it’s going to be amazing!

Our nationally qualified instructors will turn you into a BSAC Ocean Diver, a nationally and internationally recognised diving qualification. After that, the underwater world is yours to explore!

The Ocean Diver training programme consists of both pool and theory sessions to start with. Your training will progress at your own pace and you can repeat any or all of the skills until you have mastered them and have gained the confidence of a true diver.

Completing the course typically takes 8 to 10 weeks, but this is just a guide and it can be done much faster or take much longer depending on how quickly you master the skills and how often you can get to training.

Training is usually conducted on Monday nights. Pool sessions are every fortnight and on alternate weeks theory sessions can be delivered. Further details will be in your Welcome Pack.

As part of your training you will be given a number of “free” sessions where you will not be taught, but allowed to have a play; practice the skills you’ve been shown on your own and just get used to everything without being under any pressure, although you will be under an instructor’s watchful eye!

When you’ve mastered the skills in the pool, we’ll head off to open water where you will again repeat the skills but this time in water where you might not be able to see the bottom or the sides!! It’s during this exciting time that you’ll start to see what diving really has to offer.

Once we are happy you’ve got it nailed – that’s it. You’re a diver. Congratulations!

Trainee Jade's First Open Water Dive

All our instructors are fully DBS checked and are quite frankly awesome!

Pool and theory session costs are included as part of your membership but open water sessions may require you to pay entrance fees to dive sites, usually £15 to £20 per day depending on the site. The Ocean Diver course normally takes two days.


"Been a member of the club for 22+ years and have progressed to Advanced Diver. I have enjoyed every moment!"

Alan Godridge


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