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Always wanted to try scuba diving?

Ever wondered how it all works and what it feels like?


Well if you have, then a Try Dive is perfect for you! It’s an experience you’ll never forget!!

Come and join us at the pool for an evening and take your first breaths underwater. Find out what all the fuss is about and see if it’s for you!

Try Dive sessions last around an hour in the pool. You’ll be greeted by one of our highly qualified instructors, kitted out with a set of our training kit and shown the basics of its operation before slipping into the pool to take your first breaths underwater!


Once in the pool, we’ll get you finning around and neutrally buoyant so you can truly experience the freedom of movement and feeling of weightlessness that scuba diving gives you.

After the session, you’ll receive a congratulatory certificate, your first "SCUBA" magazine and we’ll take you to our clubhouse for a drink and the opportunity to ask any questions or discuss next steps. 

Try Dives cost £25 which is fully refundable against your branch fee if you start scuba training with us within 6 months of your Try Dive.

Try Dives make brilliant gifts too!! If you know someone adventurous who would love to have a go, drop us a line and ask for a Try Dive gift certificate.

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