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Our Dive Sites

We dive all over the UK and also go abroad to places like Egypt and Malta.  But some sites are simply stunning and draw us back year after year. Below are some of our favourites which have become regular haunts.


Check out our Facebook page for details of our latest trips and what we've been up to, or drop us a line below and come for a chat - We'd love to see you!

Farne Islands

Just off the coast of Northumberland with its historic castles, lie the Farne Islands.  Launching our RHIBS from Beadnell Bay or jumping on a hard boat at Seahouses, we head out to the islands to join the seals and puffins.

Crabs, lobsters and squat lobsters lurk in nooks and crannies and sometimes an octopus if you're lucky.

The star players are of course the seals and we can't get enough of them!

Ballen wrasse
Grey Seal
Common Lobster
Edible crab
Baby Anenome
Seals with Diver
Squat lobster
Seahouses Ship Inn


Every year in May we head up to Ullapool in Scotland for a week, to enjoy some of the best diving to be had in the UK.


Only accessible by RHIB as there are no charter boats, this secluded haven often provides some of the best vis in the UK and pristine, untouched dive sites.


Diving between the Summer Isles in complete isolation without another dive boat to be seen, it often feels as if your the first and only one to dive these sites. With wrecks, reefs, scallop beds, kelp forests, dolphins, seals and porpoise, this really is diving in the wilds and nature puts on a fantastic show.

Après-dive, a good haul of hand-caught scallops can be bartered in town for provisions and beer! 

If you like fun and adventure, then this is the trip for you. We take boats, jet skis, towing rings and a load of other toys to play with when we're not diving and to keep the family entertained. 

All in all, a brilliant week.

St. Abbs

Just north of Berwick-upon-Tweed lies the little fishing village of St. Abbs - now a diving mecca of the north east coast. 

Part of a voluntary marine reserve since 1984, St Abbs hosts abundant underwater life. In amongst the snowy landscape of soft corals and plumose anemones a myriad of creatures flourish on the reefs, while Anemone Gully is packed with vibrant colour.  With dramatic swim-throughs and the iconic Glanmire wreck, St. Abbs has something for everyone.  At your 6m safety stop you might be surrounded by diving guillemots, then surface to see pods of dolphins from the boat.


There are plenty of hard-boat charters available to ensure a weekend of easy diving. Perfect for divers just starting out on their ocean exploration! 

Snowy reef
Orange anemone
St Abbs_fish shoal
Chilling on the boat
Crabs in Love
Starfish and Brittle Stars
Bull Head
Wolf Fish
Rock Stack
Scorpion Fish
White Anenome
Aerial of St. Abbs Harbour


The Isle of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales offers some exceptional diving for all grades of diver.


Shallow reefs and wrecks teeming with catsharks offer the novice and newly qualified some great experience diving and, for those who like things with a little more pressure, there are the really deep wrecks off the north coast to explore. With plenty to do above the water too, Anglesey makes a great trip for all the family. 


On the West coast of Scotland, this is another of those diving meccas that will be on any diver's bucket list. 

Diving in sea lochs next to cliffs that plummet into the water for hundreds of metres, this area houses some of the UK's most famous and treasured wrecks. 

The Thesis, Rondo, Shuna, Hispania and Breda are all classics that will quench any lust for rust you may have. It's a wreckie's dream!


When not exploring the ins and outs of the wrecks, scallop hunting is the main activity, with many of our members stocking up for the year!  


"Been a member for 5 years having first qualified with PADI. I've made more friends, seen more of the UK and done things I never thought I could. Plus, I've had the best laugh ever whilst doing it. It's been wild!"

Andrew Walters

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